The oldest olive trees in the world
The hallmark of Olive Gardens of Lun is the fact that the largest number of millennial wild olive trees is found in one location. It's hard to say which olive tree is the oldest, but we are cooperating with institutions for agricultural research to find out the answer. Briefly, there is over 80 000 trees in the garden. Examination of every tree is a demanding process that can last for over a year. Based on the examinations concluded so far, the oldest olive tree in the garden is over 1600 years old which lines it up among the three oldest olive trees in the world, along with trees from Greece and Israel. Go ahead and try to find it in the park!
in this year Olive Gardens of Lun have been declared a strict botanical reserve.
kilometeres (around 10 miles) is the length of whole path through olive grove. It's ideal for walking, jogging or short bike adventure.
Over eighty thousand wild olive trees (Olea oleaster) are located in this reserve which makes it the largest wild olive grove in the world.